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Submission and Account Guidelines

Content Ownership and Intellectual Property

Copyright gives the author(s) of a creative work the exclusive right to display, reproduce, distribute, and financially benefit from the work they create. 

Although being inspired by an idea is acceptable, it is never acceptable to copy someone else’s expression of an idea. If you believe the copyright to an image on stockerwill (AREG GROUP DMCC) has been infringed upon, please collect all information pertaining to these images and contact us by email at [email protected]

Account Registration

Account Regulation

If we see repeated issues related to content submissions or account activity, you may receive a warning. Multiple warnings may result in account suspension or termination. Some reasons for receiving warnings are:


Images featuring an identifiable person that are submitted for commercial use must be accompanied by a valid Adult or Minor model release. Similarly, photos taken on private property must be submitted with a property release signed by the owner if they are to be used commercially.

Releases for 3D Interiors — A property release must be submitted with each 3D interior rendering indicating the name of the software program used to create your submission and that you have the right to license content you create with the 3D rendering software.