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How do I get paid for my work?

The payment cycle for Stockerwill contributors is set up on a monthly basis. Payments are calculated at the end of every month for contributors who meet their minimum payout amount and are eligible to receive payment. Payments are sent according to the settings indicated in the contributor account at the time that the payment was calculated.

Payment Cycle

  1. Payment Period

​2. Payment Calculation

  1. Payment Processing
  1. Payment Status

Do I need to request my payment?

No, it is not necessary for you to contact us to request your payment. Contributor payouts are automatically calculated at the end of each pay period and delivered according to the payment method in your account settings. Our system will determine if you have met the requirements to receive payment.

What are my options for receiving payments?

Stockerwill currently offers the following payment methods:

How do I set my minimum payout and payout method?

You can set your minimum payout amount and select your payment method in the ‘Payout Information’ section of your account settings

Please note that if you change your payment settings after a payment has already been calculated, your new settings will take effect the following month. This means that the payment in progress will be delivered according to the previous settings.

What if I don’t meet my minimum payout amount in a single month?

If you did not reach your minimum, then all your earnings will transfer to the next month. This will repeat every month until you have accumulated enough to receive your payment.